25 Jul 2012

AtmailOpen is no longer supported

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Back in 2008 AtmailOpen released version 1 of the commercial Atmail v5 PHP email software under Apache 2.0 Open Source license allowing the source-code of Atmail's webmail front-end to be distributed freely. AtmailOpen quickly became a favorite of universities, small business, government and ISPs around the globe. It's lightweight AJAX webmail interface with Live Spell Check and WYSIWYG HTML email composing was at the forefront of what was possible in web browsers at that time. Multi-lingual in 10 languages and features like LDAP Address Book Integration and Video Mail put AtmailOpen in it's own league when compared to other free online email clients.

AtmailOpen remained in version 1 while the Atmail commercial product has developed immensely over the last 4 years. AtmailOpen was entirely self-driven and completely unrelated to the commercial Atmail version in code and user base. With insufficient community support the old AtmailOpen 1 codebase has stalled over the years. We have monitored a this lack of development and due to the growing security concerns have now decided to discontinue the Atmail Open-Source project.

AtmailOpen vs. Atmail Server

We understand that AtmailOpen has a large following since the ongoing decline in traditional desktop mail clients and removing AtmailOpen leaves a void in the free webmail ecosphere. However users demand more from browser based services these days which is evident from the popularity of online options such as Gmail and Google Apps, Hotmail and Microsoft Office 365. We have seen this demand from our own corporate users with the latest version of Atmail including advanced features such as:

  • Online Storage & Sharing
  • Calendar Syncing
  • Mobile UI and iOS Provisioning
  • Daily Anti-Spam & Virus Scanning

Atmail's commercial linux server offering gives your users easy access these features and more while admins continue to get source code access to an advanced email platform able to run and securely store user data on their own hosted infrastructure.

If you'd like to discuss migrating from AtmailOpen to Atmail's commercial server please contact our sales team.

New Atmail Cloud

Recently we've seen great interest from businesses in seeking software as a service to allow them to focus on core business functions and remove the headache of hardware expenses and software updates. We've also seen the transition of many web designers and developers hosting and maintaining their own servers with local copies of open source CMS systems for websites, and AtmailOpen for Email Services transitioning to virtualisation offerings where they simply resell a whitelabeled service.

We have developed Atmail Cloud to make it easy for creative agencies and other web businesses to offer Atmail's enterprise grade email architecture in their own brand with generous online storage limits.

We are also seeing many administrators setting up Atmail Cloud for single business usage. Try it free for up to 14 days to see if Atmail Cloud is an alternative for you.

We hope you enjoyed the use of AtmailOpen while it was available and hope to see you explore the latest version of Atmail either on your own server or in the cloud.

Kind Regards,
Ben Duncan.

About Atmail

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